Dems pushed gun control after Orlando nightclub shooting, but LGBT gun rights group has a surprise

While Democrats continue to push their gun-control narrative, the Republican election victory has brought an increased interest to one group of gun-rights advocates.

The LGBT group, the Pink Pistols, has seen a spike in social media interest as well as an increase in number of chapters since the shooting massacre in Orlando in June and following the election, according to The Blaze.

Getting an exact number of Pink Pistols members is difficult as the gun rights group doesn’t collect membership dues or forms, a spokeswoman said Thursday. But the Florida massacre at the Pulse nightclub that left 49 people dead did not lead to demands in the LGBT community for stricter gun control measures as liberals would have hoped.

Instead, the shooting and now the election of Donald Trump as president has sparked an increase in the group’s growth. This, despite the fact that some worry that a Trump administration will not be friendly toward the LGBT community.

“I personally don’t believe he’s given any indication that he’s unfriendly” to the community, Pink Pistols First Speaker Gwendolyn Patton told TheBlaze Thursday. She said Trump’s reaction to the Orlando massacre indicated that he “wants to defend us from people who wants to throw us off buildings or hang us from cranes.”

The Pink Pistols, whose mission promotes an individual’s right “to defend themselves from harm,” have seen an increase in Facebook likes from around 1,500 to over 9,100 since the shooting.

There has also been a nearly 50 percent increase in chapter growth according to Patton, with about 15 Pink Pistol chapters that have started or restarted nationwide.

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