Kellyanne Conway is ‘rubbing it in’ . . . how dare she! You mean like ‘I won. Deal with it’?

Apparently, not getting your participation trophy after losing means it’s open season to act like spoiled, entitled crybabies.

Kellyanne Conway, who made history as the first woman to run a winning presidential campaign, was slammed by disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporters on Twitter.

The brouhaha erupted after Conway responded to a Nov. 5 tweet from Clinton press secretary, Brian Fallon, who told his followers that Donald Trump would have to run the table in several battleground states in order to win.

“With early vote in NV looking strong, if Clinton also holds MI, it forces Trump to run table in OH-PA-NC-FL,” Fallon tweeted.

Three days after Trump beat Clinton, Conway sarcastically thanked Fallon for the tip.

Not surprisingly, pro-Clinton media like CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski called Conway out for gloating, asking why she had to “rub it in.”

MSNBC shill Chris Hayes said it’s because the Trump “operating ethos” is “revenge, grudges and recriminations.”

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At that point, Trump supporters stepped in to defend Conway, and reminded mainstream media shills that President Barack Obama had gloated after his 2012 win.

In the weeks leading up to the election, pro-Hillary media and surrogates repeatedly bragged that a Clinton victory was a certainty based on the polls, so why didn’t Trump just give up already?

It’s unclear why Clinton supporters and mainstream media shills are more upset by benign Twitter gloating than by the violent anti-Trump riots raging across the nation.

So far, there have been millions of dollars in property damage, Trump supporters getting beaten up, and streets being shut down due to rioting. One “protester” even called for Melania Trump to be raped!

Where’s the media outrage and public outcry over that?

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