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Jesse Watters asks pre-college aged kids about the presidential race — and it yields some surprises

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The younger generation may not be able to vote yet, but they do have some opinions on the 2016 election race and the candidates.

Fox News Channel’s Jesse Watters took to the street to interview kids about their political thoughts and views in a “Watters World” segment that aired Thursday on “The O’Reilly Factor.”

One young man said he found the presidential debates “very entertaining, not very informative as they should be.”

The kids weighed in on Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“She hasn’t been that great either. She’s been sneaking herself around,” said one young girl, while one boy simply stated, “I just don’t like her, because the way she act…and she’s boring.”

Many of the comments on GOP nominee Donald Trump seemed to echo media reporting points about immigration and the controversies with statements about women. However, some in the younger set did have their own opinion.

“He’s very confident when he speaks. He’s blunt, and I think that’s very different than anything we’ve ever had,” said one young lady.

Interestingly, the kids’ perception of the political parties was that Democrats “stand up for the people” while Republicans are “high-class, lot of money.”

Discussing the interviews later with host Bill O’Reilly, Watters noted that many of the kids were more articulate than some of the New York University students he has spoken to.

He said there were no unusable interviews, revealing a strange form of reverse education as students going into colleges seem to be smarter than those indoctrinated students coming out of the liberal institutions.

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