‘It is this sick’: Newt pivots off Megyn Kelly feud to systematically take down ‘Clinton cartel’

There was some question about whether Newt Gingrich was bumped from “Fox & Friends” Wednesday morning after going off on Megyn Kelly the night before, but the former Republican speaker did appear on Fox Business Network later in the day and, moving off Kelly and the highly publicized spat, directed his ire at the “Clinton cartel.”

FOX Business Network’s Lou Dobbs asked Gingrich to comment on “the inner corruption of the Clinton campaign, the Clinton cartel.” Corruption that Dobbs described as “breathtaking.”

“We have never in American history had the depth of corruption that we are seeing,” Gingrich said. “And frankly you’ll notice that John Podesta, the leader of the Clinton campaign was having dinners with Justice Department officials while they were investigating Hillary.”

The Donald Trump surrogate went on to say the corruption has tarnished the FBI’s reputation.

“The stench of corruption has infected the FBI, [James] Comey is the first corrupt director we’ve seen in the sense that clearly the stuff that he knows is a lie,” he said. “He clearly, I assume, was pressured by the Attorney General, who had a secret meeting with Bill Clinton on an airplane the week they were going to interview his wife [Hillary Clinton].”

“I couldn’t write a novel that had all these different pieces that would be believable,” Gingrich continued. “People would say, ‘No, it can’t possibly be this sick.’ But the truth is, we are learning is it is this sick and that’s why I believe in the end that Hilary loses.”

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