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Billboard taunts Donald Trump – in Arabic! Here’s what it says . . .

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A new billboard slamming Donald Trump is turning heads in Michigan.

“Trump can’t read this but he’s afraid of it,” the bizarre billboard reads.

And why would Trump be “afraid?” Because the sign is written in Arabic.

The billboard was the brainchild of Cards Against Humanity’s anti-Trump super PAC, the Daily Mail reported.  The sign is located on I-94 between Dearborn and Detroit where there is a high Muslim population for maximum impact.

“We came up with it because we believe Trump’s hateful rhetoric is not based on reality, it’s based on fear,” the group’s spokeswoman, Melissa Harris said.

“And we think that irrational fear is what’s driving his anti-immigrant message.”

Harris vowed if Trump becomes president her committee will continue to attack him. But she had nothing but glowing things to say about Trump’s competition.

“We believe Hillary Clinton’s temperament is the definition of presidential.

“She’s thoughtful, knowledgeable, capable, experienced and dignified. We’re also proud she’s a trailblazer for women in this country,” she told the Mail.

What!? She’s also a proven thief, liar, and arguably, a criminal.

And it’s not just Trump who’s saying it.

If you’re not sure what Cards Against Humanity is, it’s a popular game where people draw cards and are encouraged to fill in politically incorrect answers. But it doesn’t take long to figure out the cards are extremely one-sided regarding the political realm.

Rush Limbaugh and the like are excoriated, while Hillary Clinton and other progressives… not so much.

Indoctrination from all sides, everywhere, all the time.

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