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‘BUCK UP!’ Judge Jeanine warns Christians they ‘may not have a place in Hillary’s America’

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In this week’s “Opening Statement,” Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro detailed her history of fighting abuse against women before launching into a fierce defense of Republican nominee Donald Trump, who is now facing a myriad of sexual misconduct complaints.

“I’ve told you I know Donald Trump for twenty-five years,” Pirro said. “I’ve been with him in family, party, business and public events. I’ve never, ever, heard him talk or act the way his accusers claim he did.

“Period. End of the story.”

Pirro played a video clip of Democratic rival Hillary Clinton saying many Americans “would not have a place in Donald Trump’s America,” before offering viewers a warning of her own.

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“I’ve got news for you. You may not have a place in Hillary Clinton’s America,” the Fox News host said. “She has her own war on women. Evidence: what the women Bill Clinton violated said about her. She even has her own war on religion. The woman is utterly against religious liberty.”

She the listed a number of examples of the Clinton campaign’s anti-Christian bigotry, where Democrats are calling for a “Catholic Spring,” much like the disastrous Arab Spring they supported.

“Are any of you confident that this woman will appoint Supreme Court justices who are going to protect your First Amendment religious liberty?” Pirro then asked.

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