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Moving new NRA ad to run in swing states hits Hillary on women’s rights and the Second Amendment

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This could be the most powerful NRA ad yet.

What better way to promote women’s rights than by advocating for the Second Amendment? And what better way to communicate its importance than through a true-life story.

Kristi M. is featured in the National Rifle Associations latest ad.  She expresses what it meant to her, to have a means to protect herself when she was met in a parking garage by a maniac with an 8 inch knife.

“I carry a pistol, I fight back. That’s why I’m still here,” she said.

Kristi warned that Hillary Clinton will work take a woman’s right to protect herself away, and urged voters to support Donald Trump.

The ad will air in Ohio, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia, as well as national cable, according to Politico. The ad buy cost $6.5m and is worth every freedom-protecting penny.


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