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Clinton cough returns; Hillary pops lozenge to stave off fit and gets help with stairs again in Florida

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The infamous Clinton cough has returned.

Photo from Daily Mail

At a rally in Florida on Friday, Hillary Clinton appeared to take a throat lozenge during her speech as she attempted to avoid a choking fit, according to tweeters.

“We love you, Hillary!” a member of the audience shouted as the Democratic presidential nominee unwrapped the lozenge.

“Thank you!!” Clinton replied, popping the cough drop into her mouth and clearing her throat.

Although Clinton managed to get through the presidential debate earlier in week without any coughing, it appears the throat issue has returned. Questions were also raised about her strength and steadiness as she exited the Florida rally.

As she attempted to leave the stage after the speech, she reached out briefly for her Secret Service agent’s arm to steady herself before descending the steps.

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