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Archived video reveals truth behind Huma Abedin’s Sharia-supporting father

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Video footage exclusively obtained by The Washington Free Beacon has drawn light to the world views of the father of Huma Abedin, the longtime loyal aide to Hillary Clinton.

Syed Abedin is seen speaking in support of Sharia law and explaining how the Western world has turned Muslims “hostile” during a 1971 interview aired on Western Michigan University television.

More from the Free Beacon:

Abedin, a Muslim scholar who was tied to the Saudi Arabian government until his death in 1993, has remained somewhat of a mystery as the media turns its eye to his daughter Huma, a top Clinton campaign aide who recently announced her separation from husband Anthony Weiner following his multiple sex scandals. …

The video provides a window into the Abedin family’s ideology, which has been marred by accusations it is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Abedin, who was then a professor in the university’s college of general studies, said that Western intervention in the Arab world has sparked a backlash among many faithful Muslims.

“The response to the West has been of two kinds,” Abedin said. “By and large the response has taken more of a hostile form.”


Looking like a bohemian poet from Greenwich Village, Adedin, seen below on the left, was a professor at Western Michigan in the university’s college of general studies.


His religious views are relevant to “those who have questioned Clinton’s choice to elevate Human Abedin into such a prominent role,” the Free Beacon noted.

The online conservative news source drew attention to long-suspected ties between the Abedin family and the Muslim Brotherhood:

The Abedins helped create the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, a publication accused of having ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and of promoting a hardline Islamic ideology.

Huma Abedin served as an assistant editor of the journal for 12 years and also played a role in its offshoot, the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs, a think-tank established in Saudi Arabia by an accused financier of the al Qaeda terror group, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Tom Tillison


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