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OH SNAP! Hillary’s comeback from pneumonia makes for an unintended hilarious moment

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When it comes to Hillary Clinton‘s presidential aspirations, Americans are often left with a feeling that the candidate has a strong sense of entitlement that leaves her campaign just short of where it could be … and maybe should be.

The most recent case in point is Clinton’s return Thursday to the stump after taking a few days off due to illness.

Speaking in Greensboro, North Carolina, the Democratic nominee’s entrance made for an unintentionally hilarious moment, The Daily Signal reported. The campaign greeted her comeback from pneumonia with iconic soul singer James Brown’s “I Feel Good” blaring as she took the stage.

And while the intent may have been good, someone should have pointed out to the campaign that Brown died of pneumonia.


James Brown died on Christmas Day in 2006 at the age of 73 from congestive heart failure resulting from complications of pneumonia.

All of which makes for a careless, perhaps unforgivable, oversight in a race that’s all about messaging.

Tom Tillison


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