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Black Lives Matter disrupts 9/11 commemoration in DC

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The violent Black Lives Matter movement could not leave well enough alone on the 15th anniversary of 9/11, disrupting the commemoration of that tragic day by shutting down streets in Washington, D.C.

Protesting on behalf of Muslims, activist from Black Lives Matter DC brought traffic to a halt at the intersection of 14th St. and U St.

Activist Lacy MacAuley posted images and videos on Twitter of the groups “blockade,” while police look on:

The day’s protest served to further expose the true agenda behind the anti-cop movement, and who is driving it.

And it was hard to miss the scarcity of black protesters, as noted by Frontpage Magazine’s Daniel Greenfield.

“But then again plenty of black people died on September 11. Hating America is not a black project. It’s a left-wing one,” Greenfield wrote.

Ironically, MacAuley included a caption about a “moment of silence” in one post, although the woman on the bullhorn had no intentions of yielding. One thing is certain, as long as authorities continue to coddle these social justice warriors, you can expect their absurd political theater to continue in earnest.

Tom Tillison


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