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Do swimsuit models care about the 2016 race? Watters hits the beach to find out

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An election survey made up of beach-goers and swimsuit models may not be scientific, but some find it entertaining.

At the Sports Illustrated Summer of Swim Fan Festival in New York, models and attendees were asked by Jesse Watters what they thought of the presidential nominees and the 2016 election. Watters posed questions to attendees at the Coney Island event in a “Watters’ World” segment that aired on Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor.”

“It’s not going to make a difference in my world, honestly,” said one attendee about the impact of the 2016 election on her life. “Not important at all. Zero.”

A pair of aspiring models said, “We aren’t really into the politics.”

When asked what Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton stood for, one man’s response was simply, “I have no idea.”

Donald Trump stands for “everything I’m against,” said one woman interviewed. “What are you against? Winning?” Watters asked.

Back in the studio, host Bill O’Reilly teased, “That piece was kind of pointless.”

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