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By the way, if you’re upset with your neighbor, it’s probably not a good idea to bulldoze his home

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Shots were fired, arrests were made and a home was destroyed due to an escalating feud between two neighbors in a Tennessee town.

John Higdon, 48, was arrested last week for reckless endangerment after allegedly shooting into the woods at people he said were hiding there in camouflage suits. Deputies were dispatched twice and found no evidence of intruders in the woods, according to WMC Action News.

Earlier in the week, Higdon had reportedly told deputies that about five people, whom he believed to be his neighbor’s employees, were shining lights into his house.

After the Drummonds resident was arrested, the Sheriff’s Office was called again by another neighbor. When deputies arrived on the scene, they found Higdon’s home destroyed and an orange backhoe at a neighbor’s house.

Edgar Dallas McLellan, 57, was then arrested for aggravated criminal trespassing and felony vandalism, according to WMC.

Higdon’s brother, Sammy, maintained that there was no feud and did not know why McLellan would do such a thing. “Don’t know why. Never had beef with him. No explanation,” he said. “This man over here decides to come over here at 2 o’clock in the morning with a [bull]dozer, a tractor, and starts pushing the house down.”

“He run the tractor through both bedrooms where the bed sits.” John Higdon said. “I still don’t know what to believe.”

Both men are free on bond while awaiting a court date but the Tipton County Sheriff’s Department said they are still investigating and additional charges are expected to be filed in this feud that got out of control.

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WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee


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