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Horrifying evidence and shocking video of ‘sex slave’ prison emerges from city retaken from ISIS

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A prison used by ISIS militants to torture women kept as sex slaves was reportedly discovered by Syrian rebel fighters.

Video footage apparently taken inside the 10-cell prison shows a central concrete room with heavy metal doors leading off from there, Sky News reported.

Video from Daily Mail.

The facility was discovered by fighters from the Manbij Military Council, part of the U.S.-backed, Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces. The fighters sent to secure the Syrian city of Manbij after it was recaptured from the extremists last month.

The fighters told independent news agency Arab24 about the discovery, according to Sky News.

“We discovered an Islamic State group prison for women, with rooms for groups as well as solitary prisoners,” Ibrahim Al-Mohammed said. “We found the worst, most violent torture tools, and may God curse them.”

They also said drugs, sexual stimulants and contraceptives were uncovered.

“We found various kinds of pills, including sexual stimulation, contraceptives and narcotic pills which were used by the Islamic State group for torture,” military council group leader Omar Mazerli said.”They have very strange ways. This place was very hard to find and it is well hidden, but we got here with God’s will and the efforts of the Military Council.”

The video shows the horrifying conditions at the prison, with stained mattresses and pillows scattered across the floor of a concrete room with walls of peeling paint and Arabic writing. One wall reportedly had writing that said, “God, I have wronged myself, and no one forgives sins but you. Forgive me, you are forgiving and merciful.”

After a months-long battle, the city was freed from the Islamic State group’s control sending residents into the streets to celebrate. Men cut their beards while women set their burqas on fire, declaring freedom from the militant group’s strict restrictions on clothing and facial hair.

The victory at Manbij was a strategic blow for the Islamic State group. The Syrian city lies about 25 miles from the Turkish border and had served as a hub for smuggling weapons and European recruits.  It was also a key supply route between the Turkish border and the city of Raqqa, the group’s self-declared capital.

Brave women indeed.

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