Actress ‘loses it’ in deranged open letter to Trump and his fans: Likens to ‘poison’ and a ‘disease’

Perhaps encouraged by an earlier open letter taking actor Scott Baio and white men in general to task for daring to criticize Hillary Clinton, actress and director Rose McGowan turned her sights this week on the real target — Donald Trump.

As for Baio, he’s not that concerned about the backlash he faces for being a Trump supporter.

In a scathing open letter posted on Facebook, McGowan said the GOP nominee and his “colluders” — she names CNN, Fox News, ABC, CBS, ABC, NBC, Viacom and Rupert Murdoch — are poisoning the public with hateful rhetoric… which makes you wonder if she’s watching any of the unfavorable media coverage the candidate is currently beset with.

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“We, the public, are being sickened by an ever expanding assault on our right to live a healthy and free life. Donald & you ratings driven colluders, are holding us the public hostage and exposing us to disease,” McGowan wrote.

The disease being, according to the Hollywood moonbat, “terror cancer.”

“Our symptoms are knots in our shoulders, sick feelings in the pit of our vaginas, stomach tightness, shortness of breath, wildly elevated stress levels we are now chronically experiencing a true mass illness,” she added.

McGowan called on Trump and his enablers to “look for your humanity… to think differently and to do better,” and then proceeded to call the candidate a “murderer in the making.”

Perhaps believing a little too strongly in what her public relations rep says about her, McGowan appears to call for the formation of a #ROSEARMY — not making this up — “to RISE and say NO MORE.”

From her Facebook page:

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