Doctor jailed for Michael Jackson’s death writes explosive tell-all; starts with bomb about 12-year-old girls

An unsubstantiated report claimed that if the late pop legend Michael Jackson was unable to marry his 12-year-old god-daughter, he had his sights set on British actress Emma Watson — when she was but 11.

The story’s source is the physician who’d been accused of Jackson’s death.

Dr. Conrad Murray, who served two years in prison on his conviction of manslaughter for Jackson’s death, claimed that the pop idol’s first choice was child actor Mark Lester’s daughter, Harriet.

If that didn’t work, he’d turn to the young “Harry Potter” actress, according to his tell-all book, “This Is It.”

“This is the story of who Michael Jackson really was,” Murray told the Mirror from his Florida home. “He wanted me to tell this story – now I am fulfilling his wish.”

Either that or it’s payback for two years in the California penal system.

Murray claimed that Jackson first became fixated on his friend’s daughter when she was but five years old.

Despite his claims, Murray declined to pass judgment on Jackson as an evil person.

“You must read the book and make those decisions for yourself,” he said.

Murray, who won a wrongful death lawsuit brought by the Jackson family, repeated that mantra when asked whether he would have allowed the King of Pop to look after his own son.

“Read the book,” he said. “It answers all those questions.”

Murray claimed that the book, which will run in serial form in the Mirror, is an accurate accounting of the last three year’s of the superstar’s life, and that Jackson begged him to write it in the event of his death.

“This is about setting the record straight. Many things have been written about Michael by people who didn’t know him or understand him or his life,” he told the Mirror.

“For just over three years, I spoke to him every day and was with him every week. He said to me: ‘I have four members of my family Conrad; you, Paris, Prince and Blanket. You are all I have.’”

Murray also claimed that Jackson used several methods of hiding his identity, including posing as an Arab and pretending to be a stroke victim.

“I once wore scrubs and Michael walked with a limp, pretending to be a stroke victim,” the doctor claimed. “He was drooling on one side of his mouth.”

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Clip via the Daily Mail.


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