Fox panel explodes in volcanic debate over Black Lives Matter

A Fox News panel discussion erupted in a heated debate over the Black Lives Matter movement.

A diverse group of people were gathered on “The Kelly File” Monday to discuss various issues, including the controversial subject of police shootings.

The panel, made up of Black Lives Matter supporters, law enforcement officers, conservative commentators, religious leaders and others, argued over whether the nationwide BLM movement is racist, as former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani had said.

Host Megyn Kelly struggled at times to be heard above the clamor of voices as panelists emotionally argued their views.

“It seems like black lives don’t really matter until a black life is killed by a white cop,” said Pastor Mark Burns.

Former civil rights leader Joe Hicks accused some on the panel of believing conspiracy theories. He asked where Black Lives Matter was when a black 9-year-old boy was “mowed down” in San Bernardino last week by a black suspect.

Political commentator Lisa Durden was especially fired up as she fought to complete her comments amid other raised voices interrupting her.

“Everyone wants to deflect when we’re getting blown in the heads with bullets, chased down in the streets, choked when we can’t breathe, by saying blacks are killing blacks,”  she said. “All communities murder each other. It’s intra-racial, so don’t try to deflect.”

Watch the full panel discussion below.

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Video from Fox News.

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