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Locals carry Mexican reporter ‘with posh shoes’ over puddles – photo sparks bevy of memes, and much worse

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How one decision can change your life. . .

A journalist covering severe floods in Mexico was fired after a photo showed her being carried over puddles by locals in an effort to keep her expensive shoes dry, according to Buzzfeed.

Lydia Cumming was covering the recent flooding in Puebla for Mexico’s TV Azteca when she was asked by residents if she would like to speak to an elderly neighbor in a wheelchair. The couple offered to carry the journalist to the neighbor’s home, Cumming claimed.

“I try to maintain a good relationship with people and I was afraid I would sound rude if I turned down the favor,” she said, according to Buzzfeed. “They carried me two seconds and after I asked them to put me down.”

A photojournalist snapped a picture of Cumming being carried and shared it to her Facebook page but it later also appeared in a Twitter post.

TV Azteca  said in a statement posted to Twitter on Wednesday that it “does not penalize the dissemination of the images but the lack of respect shown towards neighbors who were part of the reporter’s coverage.”

“For this reason, Lydia Cumming is no longer part of this home,” the post added. “TV Azteca collaborators are obligated to respect all people and the code of conduct that is part of our company.”

It may have been the end of Cumming’s career with TV Azteca, but the photo launched her into internet history as the hashtag #LadyReportera gave birth to an internet meme.

Following TV Azteca’s Twitter announcement firing the reporter, Cumming posted her own video comment and tweeted “I am Lydia Cumming. Not #LadyReportera.”

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