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Hillary’s plan for first 100 days of presidency includes plenty of booze and women… no, really

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Hillary Clinton has big plans for her first 100 days in office if she is elected president.

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee has a plan to fill her cabinet with an equal number of men and women, and she plans to reach across the partisan divide in Washington, making deals with Republicans.

The proposed cabinet list also includes some high profile names, who have made no commitments – or even yet been asked – as the New York Times reported:

In her first 100 days, she would also tap women to make up half of her cabinet in hopes of bringing a new tone and collaborative sensibility to Washington, while also looking past Wall Street to places like Silicon Valley for talent — perhaps wooing Sheryl Sandberg from Facebook, and maybe asking Tim Cook from Apple to become the first openly gay cabinet secretary.

Clinton may not follow through on the plan, but social media users reacted to the possibility.

Clinton’s first 100 days would also include efforts to compromise and cooperate with GOP lawmakers in an effort to move past partisan stalemates, the Times reported. Breaking the ice with former opponents may be easier over a few drinks, apparently.


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