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When Brit Hume is challenged about Fox News being ‘anti-Trump,’ he calls out 4 hosts by name

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When social media user Betsy Brantner Smith tagged Fox News’ Brit Hume in a critique complaining that presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump “has most of Fox working against him,” it’s likely Smith wasn’t expecting Hume to respond.

But that’s precisely what happened… and did he ever respond.

Countering Smith’s claim the network was more supportive of 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney, Hume countered by dropping the names of four Fox News hosts frequently said to be in the tank for Trump … beginning with Sean Hannity and Eric Bolling, of course.

In a quest to be helpful, another social media user added to the list of Trump-friendly Fox News hosts:

Not knowing when to say when, Smith came back with a list of her own of Fox News hosts she claimed oppose Trump, before making the ridiculous charge that the network “is all in for Hillary.”

Once again, in classic Hume form, the Fox News senior political analyst felt the need to set the record straight:

While some critics night disagree with the “balance” argument, a Harvard’s Shorenstein Center study showed that 73 percent of Fox News’ coverage of Trump has been positive … which effectively shuts Smith down right out of the gate.

But thanks for playing and better luck next time.

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