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Pervert in Target messed with wrong female shopper; will this make store reverse bathroom policy?

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A quick thinking woman was able to turn the tables on a pervert with a history of harassing women.

Candice Spivey, was shopping for bathing suits at a Target Store in Yulee, Florida when Jeffrey Polizzi approached her and offered her some unwanted advice.

“You want to make sure it’s not too sheer or clear,” Polizzi told her.

That’s when Spivey, who had her camera phone rolling turned and asked Polizzi if he remembered her.

“Do you remember running into me in the grocery store?” she said.

Apparently, he did. Polizzi immediately turned and bolted for the door with Spivey in hot pursuit. “Stop him! Stop that guy! Call the cops,” she yelled as she chased him into the parking lot.

WARNING for strong language:

Spivey explained on her Facebook page that she had run into Polizzi two years ago in a nearby Publix.

Spivey said that he approached her in much the same way he did in Publix, using a line about trying to find an appropriate dress for his “wife” that wasn’t too “sheer.” She also said that both times Polizzi had approached her, he had a shopping basket full of razors.


Spivey said he was accompanied by two young children (even more scary) during the Publix encounter, but he appeared to be alone at Target.

She said she had gone to Publix management and complained when Polizzi’s questions became highly inappropriate and she suspected she was being recorded. Because Polizzi had done nothing illegal, all the store could do was ban him, she wrote.

This time, the encounter had a bit of a different ending with police apprehending Polizzi for questioning and issuing a ticket for reckless driving after he tried to flee the scene.

Taken from Spivey’s Facebook:

So when [police] ran his background he has a history of video voyeurism and has been in trouble for putting cameras in his shoes and filming under girls’ skirts, in the dressing rooms when girls are changing into bikinis, etc. He filmed three different girls in one location at Neptune Beach. He’s been all over Jacksonville.

He told the police he has a problem with pornography and that he didn’t know what to do about it.

Court documents reveal Polizzi was convicted in 2009 of “taking photographs of women in dressing rooms,” according to Fox News Insider.

Now, the question some might be asking is, if Polizzi comes back and wants to use the women’s dressing room, what is Target going to do about it?

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