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Whoopi, Cher & other liberal celebs make threat if Trump wins presidency that has the right cheering

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Not that he needs additional motivation, but Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has a fresh incentive to make America great again.

In a move that threatens to counter the effects of the #NeverTrump movement, disgusting “actress” Lena Dunham joined ranks with a number of other left-wing Hollywood moonbats, saying on Monday that she is planning to move to Canada if Trump is elected president of the United States.

“I know a lovely place in Vancouver, and I can get my work done from there,” Dunham said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “I know a lot of people have been threatening to do this, but I really will.”

If only America could be so lucky.

“She’s a b-actor that has no mojo,” Trump said of Dunham during an appearance on “Fox & Friends.”

“I heard Whoopi Goldberg said that, too,” he added. “No, that would be a great, great thing for our country.”

“We’ll get rid of Rosie,” Trump said, after host Steve Doocy pointed out that Rosie O’Donnell also said she may leave the United States if the real estate tycoon is elected president.

“Oh I love it,” Trump continued. “Now I have to get elected because I’m going to do a great service to our country. Now it’s much more important. In fact, I’ll immediately get off this call and start campaigning right now.”

Rosie came back late Tuesday to say she’s not going anywhere, getting a shot in against her nemesis in the process.

According to the reaction on social media, there are plenty of people who side with Trump … here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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