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Trump leaves an opening with transgender comments, Cruz pounces hard

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Ted Cruz asked his town hall audience today a poignant question – have we all gone nuts?

Word gets around fast these days, and it didn’t take long for Cruz to respond to Donald Trump’s statements on the use of public bathrooms by gender-identity.

“North Carolina did something that was very strong, and they are paying a big price and there’s a lot of problems,” Trump said. He continued, saying that the use of bathrooms by transgenders has elicited very little trouble so far.

NBC’s “Today” host Matt Lauer asked Trump if he would support Caitlyn Jenner using the women’s bathroom in Trump Tower, to which the billionaire business mogul unequivocally replied that he would.

Trump’s statements made it to Cruz’s ears before he spoke at a Maryland town hall Thursday. It was there that he unleashed.

“Donald on television this morning said that, gosh, he thought, that men should be able to go into the girl’s bathroom if they want to.

“Let me ask you,” Cruz continued. “Have we gone stark raving nuts?”

That line got him some laughs, but it was the next that nearly got the crowd on their feet.

“Here is basic common sense. Grown adult men, strangers, should not be alone in a bathroom with little girls.”

NBC conveniently edited out the applause, but a Twitter user caught the line too.

Stay tuned for Trump’s response.

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