GOP congressman: Frontrunners Trump and Cruz proof system isn’t rigged

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A Republican congressman called out Donald Trump’s complaints about the nomination process being crooked as nothing more than whining.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, (R-Ill.), noted that Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz leading the Republican race are evidence enough that the system is not “rigged” as the GOP front-runner has maintained.

“If the process was rigged, you would not have Ted Cruz and Donald Trump as the two front-runners for the Republican Party right now — it would be someone else,” Kinzinger told CNN host Wolf Blitzer on Monday.

“The rules are known,” he said, “and Donald Trump, basically, all he brags about — being able to bring people together and make deals and all this stuff — he’s unable to simply run for president.”

“It’s amazing the amount of whining that comes from him when he’s not getting his way,” said Kinzinger, who shared that his top GOP nominee choice would be Ohio governor John Kasich. Though he could throw his support behind Cruz if he ultimately had to, the congressman said he could never see himself in the Trump camp.

“He’s running a strong campaign, he’s the front-runner of the Republican Party, I’m not going to take that away form him,” he said. “But don’t whine when you don’t get your way when you probably could have gone on the internet and figured out what the rules are in each of the states.”

Watch the comments in the video below.

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(H/T: The Blaze)


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