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George Clooney complains about ‘obscene’ money in politics; touts obscene amount he raised for Hillary

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Hollywood elitist George Clooney is helping Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton raise plenty of money — “obscene” amounts of money, according to Bernie Sanders.

In addition to holding a fundraiser for Clinton on Saturday at his home in Los Angeles, the actor hosted an event in San Francisco Friday night that required attendees hoping to sit at the same table as Clooney, his wife Amal and the candidate to pony up $353,400, or raise as much in contributions, according to NBC News.

And Clooney, whose net worth is a reported $180 million, does not dispute Sanders’ characterization.

“Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd asked the actor about Sanders’ charge that Clinton’s fundraising efforts were “obscene,” and center around those who have “undue influence over the political process.”

“Yes. I think it’s an obscene amount of money,” Clooney replied, with condescension dripping from every word. “The Sanders campaign, when they talk about it … is absolutely right. It’s ridiculous that we should have this kind of money in politics. I agree completely.”

For what it’s worth, NBC reported that not all of the money being raised goes to Clinton:

Not all of the money goes to the Clinton campaign coffers. A donation to the “Victory Fund” is split between Clinton’s primary campaign, her possible general campaign, the Democratic National Committee and various Democratic state parties.


Social media took notice of the fancy schmancy San Francisco fundraiser — did it really feature naked sushi guys?

Here’s a sampling from Twitter of folks who turned out to protest the event:

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