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Disturbing video: Angry refugee snatches baby, uses against police

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An angry refugee threatened to throw a baby at police in a border confrontation in Greece.

Video captured the shocking moment the disgruntled migrant grabbed the helpless baby from her mother and lifted her over his head while shouting at police.

The man appeared to be threatening to throw the infant at police in the video which was filmed at the Port of Piraeus where refugees have been protesting plans to relocate them to other parts of the country, according to the Express.

The man was reportedly stopped by Greek authorities for smashing a car. The video showed him snatching the baby and holding her up by her neck and arms while police and other migrants tried to take the infant away. She was finally rescued and can be seen in the video cradled in the arms of another man in a pink shirt until being returned to the terrified mother, reported Express.

With about 5,000 migrants stranded along the border, the Greek port has become a hotbed of demonstrations as refugees staged sit-ins to protest.

Despite promises by Greek officials that the refugees would receive free food and shelter at the other centers, the angry migrants demanded the opening of the northern border to allow them passage into other parts of Europe, reported Express.

Watch the the disturbing video below.

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