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Holding ‘Death to America’ sign really didn’t end well for this guy

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A man who took to the streets to vent his frustration received a serious beat down from passersby who didn’t see eye-to-eye.

A couple took exception to Charles Brownett who was standing on the side of a road near Jacksonville, Florida, holding a sign that read “Death to America.”

“Why don’t you leave America?” a woman yelled from a Nissan Titan, according to Action News Jax.

“Give me some money,” Brownett retorted.

That’s when the Nissan reportedly pulled over and the couple exited the car to approach Brownett. A man whose name has not been released, but local authorities have claimed to have identified, tried to snatch Brownett’s sign.

The showdown quickly devolved into a full on brawl, with the two men swinging and wrestling to the ground. The woman joined in and landed some opportunistic kicks on Brownett as he was tussling.

Another unidentified man approached the scene and tried to break up the fight, to no avail, before the video stops.

It’s not clear if the couple who attacked Brownett knew that the back of the sign read “Because of Obama’s policies,” according to a Clay County Sheriff report; perhaps his message would have been more well received if that would have been printed on the front.

The “case is active pending” according to the police report.

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