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Maddow’s attempt to defend media’s Trump obsession sputters out

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Rachel Maddow’s defense of the media and its apparent obsession with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was trounced by a former Carly Fiorina staff member.

Sarah Isgur Flores pointed to the media’s relentless attention to the GOP front-runner as one reason other candidates ended up dropping out of the race. MSNBC host Maddow defended Trump’s “competitive advantage” and the fact “that nobody else in the field was good at competing with him on those terms.”

The former Fiorina campaign manager countered, “Or that cable news cared more about their ratings than the democracy that they were reporting about where you look at — I mean, $2 billion in earned media isn’t just that he was better at capturing earned media.”

Maddow made another attempt to absolve the media for its part in Trump’s rise in popularity.

“The reason that the news spent a lot time covering Donald Trump more then it spent covering other candidates is that every time he opened his mouth, he made some sort of controversial comment that changed the news cycle and so, people ended up following him to do that,” she said.

“The media wasn’t rooting for him to become president by doing that. They were following him because he was driving a good media strategy,” Maddow said, perhaps unwittingly proving Flores’ point. She blamed the”competitive failure” of the other candidates, adding that it’s “not something that you can say the media choose the candidate.”

“Well then,” Flores concluded, “we’ve set up an incentive system moving forward where I don’t think you’re going to like the candidates you’re going to see.”

Watch the exchange in the video below.

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