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Protester who slapped police horse and ran at Trump rally couldn’t hide long; see what happened

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A woman arrested for slapping a police horse in the face during a protest last Saturday at the Donald Trump rally in Kansas City has been identified as a hard-left activist and “one of the most vocal leaders” of a radical progressive group.

April J. Foster, 29, was arrested on Friday and charged with abuse of a police service animal after being identified by a caller to the Tips hotline, the Kansas City Star reported.

According to a police report, Foster first screamed in the horse’s face to scare him and when that didn’t work, she hit the horse with her open hand. Foster is seen here with a burgundy scarf around her neck.

The Star reported that one of its photographer “saw a woman slap a police horse in the face. When officers pointed her out for arrest, she disappeared into the crowd.”

The following video captured the incident, although it’s difficult to see:


The Gateway Pundit reported that on her Instagram bio, Foster describes herself as a “worker, writer, commie, feminist [and] trans.” She also appears to be a member of the communist group, Progressive Youth Organization.

Foster can be seen in a photo on her Instagram page holding a banner with a gold star lettered PYO and the message, “Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win.” This banner is identical to the one she was carrying when she reportedly struck the horse at the Trump protest. [Foster’s Instagram account has since been removed and the photo is no longer available.]

The PYO Twitter account states that it’s purpose is to “carry forward progressive and revolutionary politics to the widest section of people.”

The group posted a message Saturday on its Twitter feed calling for charges to be dropped “against our comrade April Foster.”

Tom Tillison


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