Fox News plays bombshell flashback video of this ‘astounding’ Hillary contradiction

A persistent charge against Hillary Clinton is that the Democratic presidential front-runner vacillates on many positions in order to pander to voters, and such hypocrisy has never been more apparent than in a bombshell video uncovered by Fox News.

With voters in Ohio and Illinois going to the polls on Tuesday, the 2005 video shows then-Sen. Clinton saying the outsourcing of American jobs is an “inevitability” and that there is no way to legislate against it.

“It is an inevitability,” she said at a conference in New Delhi, India. “There is no way to legislate against reality, so I think the outsourcing will continue.”

But that’s not what she is telling voters today in the manufacturing hub known as the Rust Belt, which includes Ohio and Illinois.

The Toledo Blade reported last week that while speaking in Detroit, Clinton called for an increase to the federal minimum wage boost and proposed tax penalties for companies that outsource jobs.

“I do want to send a clear message to every boardroom and executive suite — if you cheat your employees, you exploit your customers, you pollute our environment or rip off the taxpayers, we will hold you accountable,” she said, in a speech to about 200 supporters. “If you desert America, you’ll pay a price.”


America Rising PAC communications director Jeff Bechdel said voters deserve “straight answers” from the candidate.

“The hypocrisy exposed in this new video is astounding,” Bechdel said. “Secretary Clinton has always shown a willingness to say or do anything to get elected, but directly contradicting her own words about outsourcing from a trip to India is beyond the pale.”

“The American people deserve straight answers from Clinton on the topic of outsourcing, not more empty campaign rhetoric,” he added.

Tom Tillison


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