Adele puts to rest Grammy performance freak-out with 2 words

People went crazy during Adele’s Grammy performance, and not in a good way!

Adele fans can rest easy knowing that the singer’s lack luster performance at the Grammy’s Monday night was no fault of her own.

Adele still has her chops.

Even the best of the best are often at the mercy of technical flaws and flubs. It’s just extremely unfortunate the piano microphones had to fall onto the strings during music’s biggest night, and during the music giant’s performance.

The superstar took it all in stride, and shortly after the performance, signaled that all will be OK with two reassuring words — “S**t happens.”

Oh, it sure does. But it’s nothing a little junk food won’t cure.

As you can see from Adele’s tweet, she had plenty of support. Here’s what some had to say:

Here is part of the performance that had heads scratching.

Water under the bridge.


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