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‘Corrupt’ Justice Department files lawsuit against Ferguson to control cops; Americans outraged

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It was never likely that once the social justice warriors in the Obama administration had their collective boot on the neck of the city of Ferguson, Missouri, that they would ever let up.

After first intervening to dictate how the Ferguson Police Department should operate, the Department of Justice announced Wednesday it is filing a civil rights lawsuit to force that reform after the city voted to alter the terms because of the cost of the settlement.

And the action has the full support of the former attorney general, Eric Holder, who put race front and center at the agency.

“We intend to aggressively prosecute this case and we intend to prevail,” Attorney General Loretta Lynch told reporters.

The cost of compliance for the cash-strapped city is $350,000 for the first year alone, and the City Council has put two tax increases on the April ballot, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

“It will cost more to implement the agreement than it will be to fight a lawsuit,” Mayor James Knowles III told The New York Times. “There’s no point in agreeing to something we can’t afford.”

In addition to Holder, the move won the approval of race agitator and White House favorite DeRay Mckesson, a principle player in the birth of the racist Black Lives Matter movement and the lie known as “hands up, don’t shoot” that became a national rally call to drive unrest.

Mckesson took time off the campaign trail in Baltimore, where he is running for mayor — not making this up — to tweet:

The reaction on social media is a good indication that Americans have come to expect the worst from this administration, and few expect any more “justice” to flow from the DOJ under Lynch than was seen under her predecessor.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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