Trump vs. O’Reilly round two: ‘I told you so’ round

Donald Trump’s round two with Bill O’Reilly, over missing the last Fox News debate, involved eating a little crow.

Toward the end of his first interview with Trump since the Iowa caucus, O’Reilly rubbed it in that he told the Republican presidential front-runner to participate in last week’s Fox News debate and that skipping it may have cost Trump the win in Iowa.

“I told you so!” O’Reilly said.

But O’Reilly first got Trump to confirm that he will show up at the next Fox News presidential debate, which Megyn Kelly will be moderating — Trump did so readily.

With a smirk on his face, O’Reilly then asked Trump to “confirm” that he was right, but the real estate tycoon wasn’t having any part of further fluffing O’Reilly’s ego.

“No, you weren’t right,” Trump insisted. “I don’t know what impact that had.”

When O’Reilly pushed, the candidate budged a little.

“I will give you a little credit but not too much,” Trump responded. “I raised $6 million for the veterans. …”

“You gave [Ted] Cruz and [Marco] Rubio a lot more air time,” O’Reilly said.

“I gave them more air time, that’s true,” Trump countered. “They had more air time. I agree with that.”

Interestingly, O’Reilly laughed off a “flamboyant” Trump using the “f-word” on the campaign trail earlier this week.

“In all my years of reporting that is the first time I have seen a Presidential candidate make use of the “f” word while campaigning,” he said. “Trump is unique.”

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