Video: Scorned wife drags husband’s mistress through street by hair, beats her, tosses her off bridge

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” doesn’t begin to explain this unhinged wife.

A horrific scene that took place in Brazil shows a raging woman confronting her husband’s alleged mistress. The wife, who is noticeably larger than the mistress, is seen repeatedly hitting her in the head.

With every hit, the manic-wife seemed to become more enraged. She eventually was able to pry the mistress from bars she was grasping onto for dear life and started to drag the crying woman through the streets by the hair.

When the wife came to her launching post, she enlisted help from what looks to be a “friend,” and the two flung the mistress over a bridge.

mistress flung off bridge
Video screenshot.

After taking a hard landing in a shallow pool of water, the victim got up. Even though the alleged mistress survived, be warned, the following scene is extremely disturbing.


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