Two Germans are STONED by migrants in German street; ‘such persons must be stoned’

Reports of two transgender women being stoned in Germany is an indication of just how much life has changed in the country since more than 1 million Middle Eastern refugees have poured in.

And a potential sign of liberal attitudes welcoming these refugees coming back to bite Germans in the rear.

Three young North African men were arrested on Saturday in Dortmund, which bills itself as “a modern and cosmopolitan metropolis,” and charged with stoning the transgender women, identified as Yasmine and Elisa, German television station SAT1.NRW reported.

While the station doesn’t say the men were Muslim, or even refugees, Islam is the predominate religion in North Africa with an estimated 315 million Muslims living in the region, according to Pew Research.

Fortunately, police arrived as the stoning unfolded or there’s no telling how the incident may have turned out — the report made no mention of injuries.

Dortmund police official Kim-Ben Freigang said the suspects told police that “such persons must be stoned,” according to The Jerusalem Post.

“Within seconds we were tossed around…and they took stones from a gravel bed on the corner and threw them at us,” Elisa told SAT1.NRW.

Yasmine said it was the first time in 30 years she felt unsafe as a transgender woman.

“In 2016, in Germany, with stoning!” she cried. “That was barbaric what they did. They are barbarians.”

Tom Tillison


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