Focus group picks overwhelming victor of GOP debate

Following the Fox Business Network Republican debate on Thursday, a focus group of voters unanimously agreed on one of the candidates as the winner.

A group of 26 South Carolina Republican voters, appearing live on Fox’s “The Kelly File,” praised Sen. Ted Cruz as being “eloquent,” “engaging” and “level-headed.”

They were also impressed with the way the GOP candidate dealt with fellow contender Donald Trump as the two wrangled over the issue of Cruz’ citizenship, which pollster Frank Luntz labeled the “highlight” of the debate.

“He handled him,” one woman said. “It was really evident that he was capable of taking the hit and handling it and turning Donald around on himself.”

One group member thought Trump’s stubbornness “doesn’t make it easy for him in debates.” Another man came to Trump’s defense in the GOP front-runner’s attacks on Cruz’ eligibility to run for president.

“Donald Trump’s just making the point,” he said,  “that this is a weakness in the Cruz campaign that the Democratic party’s going to go after. Whether it’s fair or not, we all know the Democrats, they don’t play fair.”

One of the other highest-dialed moments for the group, Luntz said, came when Cruz addressed the 10 U.S. Navy sailors who were held by Iran. To cheers and applause, Cruz vowed that as president he would be sure that any nation that captured American servicemen and women “will feel the full force and fury of the United States of America.”

A voter in the focus group said that seeing our servicemen on their knees in a foreign country “was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen on television…that’s absolutely terrifying.”

Watch the focus group video below.


Frieda Powers


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