Will Benghazi finally catch up to Hillary?

Fallout from the Benghazi terror attack continues to dog Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as new revelations surface about what really happened.

Fox News Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume, appearing Tuesday on “The Kelly File,” said there’s been a “question almost from day one about whether there was a cover-up of what happened at Benghazi.”

With the upcoming release of the film “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi,” which documents the 2012 attack as told by the military men who were there, and families of the victims’ insistence that Clinton told them a video was to blame for the attack, the standoff now is about who is telling the truth.

In an exclusive interview with Kelly on Monday, former Marine and co-author of “13 Hours,” Mark Geist noted that the victims’ families have no motive to lie. Hume remarked that, on the other hand, “the administration had political reason not to tell the truth about” the attack.

The question that has not been answered, in Hume’s opinion, is why Clinton and her staff continued to say the video provoked that attack while Clinton’s emails now show that the former secretary of state knew it was not the case.

“These questions about Benghazi do not arise by themselves,” Hume said, noting that “the rest of the media, by and large, has chosen to ignore this story and play it down.” Eventually, the candidate who runs against Clinton, Hume believes, will “have to be the one who raises this to get this issue the attention it deserves.”

Though the Benghazi attack was seen, Hume added, as “at a minimum, a security failure…and perhaps the result of a policy failure as well,” he noted that “the damage to Secretary Clinton from Benghazi…..may already be baked into what people think about” her.

“There was a failure there and that she was not honest about it,” he said, feeds the “whole question about her trustworthiness which has been a liability for her for some time.”

Watch the video below, with Hume beginning at the 2:04 mark.


Frieda Powers


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