BUSTED! Two Baltimore jail guards nailed in video of looting mob

Two Baltimore correctional officers were caught on video looting a 7-Eleven with the rest of the mob during the riots last month that gripped the attention of the nation.

It’s a development that blows apart the defense put forth by President Obama and other Democrats that the poor riot because they lack job opportunities.

According to The Sun, a tipster turned over a video showing Tamika Cobb and Kendra Richard coming out of a 7-Eleven store during last month’s unrest.

Sun reporter Justin Fenton posted the video on Twitter:

Richard, identified by police as the woman exiting the store wearing yellow tennis shoes, black Adidas jogging pants and a jean jacket, comes out clutching Slim Jims, while Cobb, in yellow shoes, blue pants and a black sweatshirt, is carrying Tostitos chips, according to The Sun.

Both women are stationed in the city’s downtown jails, the Sun reported.

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The arrest of the two women is yet another black eye for Baltimore, coming on the heels of a 2013 report of four female prison guards in the city being impregnated by the same inmate.

That scandal was exposed as part of an investigation into a major smuggling operation inside the jail system.

The reaction on social media to the two women being charged indicates that Americans could be getting weary of the media’s portrayal of these lawbreakers as victims.

Here is a sampling of the responses from Twitter:

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