Florida Five: DWS biggest election loser, Scott’s school choice stance fueled black support

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips:

debbie-wasserman-schultzDebbie Wasserman Schultz licks her wounds after brutal election for Democrats – Debbie Wasserman Schultz ranks as one of the biggest losers of the 2014 election cycle. While she had no problem defeating Republican Joe Kaufman last week, as chairwoman of the DNC, Wasserman Schultz is tarnished by her party’s loss of the Senate and gubernatorial defeats across the country. Wasserman Schultz should have bowed out from the DNC post after the 2012 elections. At least then she could have gone out on a high note with Barack Obama winning a second term. Instead, she stayed too long and made some major missteps and gaffes in the process. Already, there’s talk about who will replace her and Bob Beckel said on “The Five” on Fox News that he had been asked to lead the DNC. Read more

School choice backer Scott sees rise in black support in Florida– Florida Gov. Rick Scott did something Tuesday that Republicans rarely do in elections: He doubled his share of the African-American vote from the last time he ran, picking up 12 percent on Tuesday, according to exit polls. Education reform advocates such as former D.C. Councilman Kevin Chavous are pointing to that as proof that black voters responded to Scott’s support for school choice and his willingness to take on teachers unions. “That’s the reason why Rick Scott won that election,” said Chavous, now executive counsel for the American Federation for Children, a pro-school choice group. “He really had no base of support in the African-American community but for this one issue.” Read more

Marc Caputo: 10 takeaways from Florida’s 2014 elections – Those who ignore history are condemned to look like Florida Democrats in a midterm election. Before Tuesday’s Republican drubbing of Democrats at the polls, there were warning signs — lessons that should have been learned or heeded — that were either ignored or downplayed by Democrat Charlie Crist, his campaign or his supporters. Take, for instance, an August column headlined “Florida Democrats’ biggest problem is … Florida Democrats,” where I noted how poor primary turnout, especially in South Florida, was a potentially bad sign for Crist. One Democratic reader told me on Twitter that the column was full of “histrionics.” Read more  

The important lesson learned from Florida’s medical marijuana vote – Midterm elections may be over, but that doesn’t mean the number of issues that Congress and individual states are yet to tackle have been moved to the back burner. One particular hot-button issue that took center stage this election was the debate over legalizing marijuana. Citizens of Oregon and Alaska, as well as Washington, D.C., cast their ballots on whether or not to allow marijuana to be legalized for recreational adult use. In all three instances, voters were in favor of legalization, which may wind up bringing in significant long-term tax revenue generation for Oregon and Alaska. However, another key marijuana vote didn’t quite go as planned. Floridians cast their ballots on Tuesday to decide whether or not to allow marijuana to be used for medical purposes within the state. Read more

Galvano’s standing in Florida Senate is growing – State Sen. Bill Galvano, R-Bradenton, has not finished his second full year in the Legislature, but he continues to land top leadership posts and flash clout that few have obtained in such a short period. Galvano last week was named the Florida Senate’s majority leader, a position that makes him a pivotal lieutenant for the Senate president. Galvano will help draft the Senate’s agenda and organize the Republican votes. “I’m very excited about this opportunity,” Galvano said. Practically speaking, it puts Galvano in the middle of just about every public policy issue that comes before the Senate. Read more

Bonus: Florida growls at craft breweries’ growlers

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Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.
Cheryl Carpenter Klimek


23 thoughts on “Florida Five: DWS biggest election loser, Scott’s school choice stance fueled black support

  1. EdinColorado says:

    Poor Debbie.. Being touted as the biggest loser.. That is nothing new for DWS. She’s a loser every morning when she wakes up and looks into a mirror. She has a list of lies that she’s told, and she has to read through it to make sure she continues to tell the same lies..

  2. gmhunt4 says:

    Debbie has always been a “loser”, just look at that face and you want to vomit…………

  3. Doug says:

    It’s hard to say she’s the biggest loser when she easily won reelection. Ask Joe Kaufman how he feels.

    1. RB says:

      The district like many of them, is stacked in her favor . She took a HUGE hit with the GOP sweeping the election though, and I am sure she lost DNC Chair .. That is a start

    2. Rodney says:

      Still a pig~!

  4. Jason Buckwheat says:


  5. Pay back for the most rude, insulting, antagonistic, ill informed, evil person in the Florida Democratic Party, and that is a distinction not easily garnered in a gang of Democrats. She does a lot more harm than good. She must embarrass a lot of Democrats.

    1. Doug says:

      Am I reading this wrong? She defeated her Republican and Tea backed opponent handily.

      1. Jeff Simon says:

        The masses are asses.

        1. Doug says:

          Then I guess the recent Congressional results are following that pattern.

          1. Jeff Simon says:

            Don’t make me quote H.L.Menken at you. I am interested in seeing if the Neo-Cons squander their opportunity and usher in the reign of Killary.

          2. Doug says:

            H.L. Mencken.

          3. Jeff Simon says:

            I’ll ‘C’ you later, Doug.

      2. M Lliteras says:

        South Florida has been ruined by liberal New Yorkers and so on. That’s also why she’s able to a hack, just like Pelosi, she’s in a safe district. She would beat a reasonable democrat. That might be like saying a moderate Muslim, but there might be a democrat like that somewhere.

  6. Jeff Simon says:

    How does DWS keep getting re-elected? Who are these people she is allegedly representing?

    1. Doug says:

      Won reelection in a breeze.

      1. Jeff Simon says:

        The question was HOW? Who did the Republicans run against her?

        1. Doug says:

          Some turkey named Joe Kaufman.

          1. Jeff Simon says:

            At least he wasn’t a Dodo bird like some of our high ranking RINOS that we’ve currently got in place. I guess I should be happy at least the Republicans ran a stronger field of candidates this time.

    2. M Lliteras says:

      How does Pelosi win, gays & welfare. Same for her.

    3. Rodney says:

      She lives in a Jew neighbor hood… dah~!

  7. NavyBlue1962 says:

    Somebody throw this carp a worm.

  8. TheBerean says:

    I remember the very first time I saw a picture of DWS. I felt so badly and told someone Chelsea needs to take better care of herself.

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