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He’s back! Squatter forced out of Florida soldier’s home returns

Photo Credit WFLA

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He’s back!

A squatter who broke into a soldier‘s home after he was deployed to Afghanistan and defiantly refused to leave hastily moved out two weeks ago when community outrage came to bear, but it now looks as if his decision to leave was only temporary.

Julio Ortiz claimed he had a verbal agreement with a friend of Spc. Michael Sharkey‘s to live in the home free in exchange for work done on the house — the friend disputed the claim.

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Last Monday, Ortiz and his girlfriend were arrested for stealing electricity while living in Sharkey’s home, according to WFLA. Incredibly, after posting bond, the squatter went back to the location.

The local NBC affiliate reported that neighbors called police Friday and said Ortiz was at the house with a friend. The Pasco County Sheriff’s Department responded and found him there — Ortiz and the friend were given trespass warnings, WFLA reported.

The girlfriend is still in jail because her arrest was a violation of probation.

The pair have extensive criminal backgrounds, with Ortiz serving 12 years in prison in N.J. for robbery, carjacking, and selling drugs on school property.

WFLA News Channel 8

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