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Lawmakers: Since they got away with Benghazi, terrorists ‘are on steroids’

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With a serious terrorism threat recently uncovered by the intelligence community, U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, spoke to Fox News on Sunday about Benghazi and the recent closing of embassies over the weekend.

Chaffetz said the White House and the intelligence agencies are doing the right thing by making the information public and shutting down the embassies.

Earlier on Sunday, Chaffetz’s colleague, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. commented that after Benghazi, the terrorists “are on steroids.”

“They attacked our consulate. They killed an ambassador,” Graham said. “A year has passed and nobody’s paid a price. After Benghazi these al-Qaida types are really on steroids, thinking we’re weaker and they’re stronger.”

“Well remember our Benghazi facility was not only attacked once where we had the death of the four Americans by those terrorists,” Chaffetz said, responding to Graham’s remarks. “It had actually been attacked twice prior, so three times that facility at Benghazi had been attacked. We never captured or are killed anybody that was responsible for those attacks. In fact, after the first attack we captured somebody and they let him go.”

Chaffetz was asked to respond to reports that CIA employees have been asked to sign nondisclosures and agree not to talk about what happened in Benghazi. Many of them are reportedly undergoing regular polygraph tests, some on a monthly basis.

“Well, look, we know that we have more than two dozen people in various agencies that were out there in Benghazi on the night of the attack,” Chaffetz said. “The United States Congress, specifically the oversight committee, wants to hear from those people.”

Chaffetz said he hoped the issue would be resolved soon.

“We want to have that same sort of urgency to bring the terrorists to justice capture or kill them and put these people away,” he said.


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