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Microsoft’s Bill Gates wishes Obama had ‘more power’

Bill Gates
Photo Credit Telegraph.co.uk

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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates was asked for his assessment of President Obama’s job performance Wednesday during an interview at Politico’s “Playbook Cocktails” event, reports the Daily Caller.

Gates responded that on “some days” he wishes the U.S. political system were like the United Kingdom, so that President Barack Obama could have “slightly more power.”

The transcript, as noted by the Daily Caller:

“Some days I wish we had a system like the U.K. where, you know, the party in power could do a lot and you know, you’d see how it went and then fine you could un-elect them. Now, over time, our system has worked slightly better than theirs, theirs has worked okay, but, so it’s ironic that right now it feels like I wish there was slightly more power in the presidency to avoid some of these deadlocks. So I think what he [Obama] wants to do and what he’s actually able to do, the gap is so big there that it’s hard to know in some ways.”

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