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Webster Makes It Official – He's In!

(PHOTOS by Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel)

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Flanked by Orange County Mayor Richard Crotty, Daniel Webster made it official Thursday evening with an announcement that he will enter the race to run against freshman U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson for Florida’s 8th congressional district. 

Utilizing his well established political skills, Webster reached out to the growing ‘tea party’ movement by saying, “I didn’t get involved, or even plan to get involved, with politics,” Webster told the crowd as he reflected on the early days of his political career which has spanned nearly three decades, “which is why I respect the Tea Party movement of today.” 

“Does anyone here feel like there’s something wrong in Washington, DC?” asked Webster. “Congress is too proud, they’re too pious, they’re too petty, they’re too partisan,” he said to applause. “You know what?” he asked, “it’s our country, not theirs, so let’s take it back.”

Within an hour of Webster’s announcement, Rep. Grayson’s office released the following statement:

“Dan Webster is another career politician born out of the Tallahassee Republican machine, which has been, and continues to be, the cradle of corruption in this state.”

Before Webster can challenge Grayson, he must first overcome a large field of Republican challengers, some of which have already raised thousands of dollars and have been campaigning for months.  However, Webster may have an edge when it comes to big name endorsements.  During an interview with FOX 35 News on Thursday evening, Webster noted that he has received the support of former Florida Governor and longtime friend, Jeb Bush.

Tom Tillison


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