Korean road rage

Korean road rage – how much anger will fit in one little car?

Pedestrian justice

Crazy pedestrian with a death wish brings crosswalk encroachers to justice

seniors dance

Senior citizens get funky to Lil’ Jon’s ‘Turn Down For What’

Jimmy's Desire

Jimmy Fallon fills in for U2′s injured Bono and NAILS IT!

Joe Cool

Russian man keeps his cool while 35 armed men storm the joint!

Soccer for Americans

This is what soccer needs

dont tell em2

‘Don’t Tell ‘Em’ video: A comical twist on ‘Grubergate’

lady raps

Husband secretly records wife getting funky to Salt-N-Pepa in the car

British horse cop

British horse cop brings wheelie-popping biker to screeching halt

ATM theft

Ever wondered how one steals an entire ATM machine? Watch!

Paratrooper robber

Paratrooper gives home invader the pummeling he deserves


Video: ‘Scumbag’ Saints fan ‘steals’ football from woman


Michelle catches Obama and McConnell getting slap drunk, prank-calling Hillary in SNL’s open


Crazy video: Beer thief ends up losing the shirt off his back (and his pants, too!)

brave ceo

CEO doesn’t flinch while an AK-47 is shot at his face

Heartbreaking song

Heartbreakingly beautiful video of a father singing ‘Blackbird’ to his newborn son after his wife died in childbirth

two hit wonder

Your gratuitous violence for Friday: guy hits opponent, opponent hits ground, guy repeats with new opponent

hammerhead shark kayaker

Hammerhead sharks harass kayakers; cue “Jaws” theme!

Smoking ban

Liberal do-gooder fascism at its most vile: A town with a total ban on tobacco?

Elephant and lions

Determined young elephant defends self against 14 lions


Women destroy a McDonald’s after arriving too late to order breakfast

Bus Driver What-for

NY City bus driver gives a fare-dodging youth the what-for; tries to throw him out bus door

Sniper fire

Syrian child fakes sniper hit to save his sister

Princess Leia

10 hours walking in New York as … Princess Leia?