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Alleged Scientologists ambush and harass former member in airport

Alleged Scientologists ambush and harass former member in airport


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Monster pumpkin mashes van


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Wanna-be gangsta rappers get taught a lesson

Wanna-be gangsta rappers get taught a lesson

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Economic Council backs gubernatorial choice with TV ad


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Heart-wrenching video: Man says goodbye to his best friend

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Democrat David Silvers gets hammered in new ad


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Video: 49ers fans brutal men’s room brawl leaves one out cold on bathroom floor

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Fake psychic terrifies customers with crazy eye-popping Ouija board prank


Jolting dashcam video: Girl slams helmet-first into car windshield

cop punches homeless man

Homeless man punches cop, so why the viral outrage?

Pot quiz

‘Weed lobbyists’ or Democrats? Watch these pot smokers field basic political questions

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Man’s heated confrontation with elderly panhandler when he catches her getting into new car


Ignorant, corrupt ‘hillbilly’ deputy pulls driver over for flipping him off; driver fights back!