Dad Willie moved to tears by Sadie’s perfect performance

brown mom

Michael Brown’s emotional mother reacts to grand jury; crowd comforts her during profanity-laced rant

baby girl touchdown

NFL star breaks down in tears over birth of his daughter during post-game interview

Scooter crash

Scooter crashes between two trucks; lucky dude walks away

300 in Russia

Watch: Awesome way guys recreate battle scene from ‘300’ movie in Russian gym

Road rage karma

Quick karmic payback for a road-rager with shoddy brakes

Goose Fan

Announcers totally lose it when football fan serenades a goose with a power ballad


Most AWESOME NFL touchdown catch of the season is INSANE!

Grumpy gorilla throws rock at unwelcome guests

Grumpy gorilla throws rock at unwelcome guests

Cops stunned by what man tells them about burning house

Cops stunned by what man tells them about burning house

chair 2

Watch: Man throws a chair at ‘deserving’ judge in court

Baby it's cold

‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ with an adorable twist! Featuring Michael Bublé & Idina Menzel

Celeb impersonations

Spot-on impressions of 14 celebrities stuck in traffic


Steve Harvey reveals craziest answers to Family Feud questions: Survey says? He’s hilarious!


Incredible a capella group follows up ‘Little Drummer Boy’ with second insanely viral carol, ‘Mary, did you know?’

Drugs in the snow

Drug deal goes down behind news anchor on live TV?


Ever want to put a GoPro camera on an eagle’s back? These guys have — and it’s pretty cool

Cop fires 15 shots

Watch: Officer fires 15 rounds into suspect’s car in dramatic dash cam video

Ferret Fail

One small leap for a ferret, one giant fail for ferret-kind

skateboard to the head

Reporter gets smashed in the head by airborne skateboard

Teary marine

Marine brought to tears by wife’s unexpected welcome

Korean road rage

Korean road rage – how much anger will fit in one little car?

Pedestrian justice

Crazy pedestrian with a death wish brings crosswalk encroachers to justice

seniors dance

Senior citizens get funky to Lil’ Jon’s ‘Turn Down For What’