‘Al Sharpton got what he wanted’: CNN guest interprets Brooklyn cop assassination

evil SNL

SNL has advice for N. Korea: Why pick on Sony, they haven’t had a hit since the Walkman?

blooper 1

Bret Baier 2014 bloopers reel : Singing, dancing, flubbing will make you laugh

KISS At Walmart2

What would happen if KISS worked at Wal-Mart? Shoppers find out!

common core 10

10-year-old educates her school board on Common Core ‘nonsense’: ‘It stinks’

Josh Earnest

You can stop worrying about Sony Pictures threat, the White House is on it!

death scene

Kim Jong-un powerful death scene from ‘The Interview’ has leaked, gone viral

Deer crash

Ouch! Bicyclist crashes into jumping deer

backboard bang

Backboards ain’t as high as they look sometimes

fire extinguisher

Stifle it! Loud-mouth lady silenced with a fire extinguisher


Forward flip with a twist: Drunk guy knocks himself out

Marc Fucarile

Boston Marathon bombing survivor uses his artificial leg to school protesters trying to ‘Free Jahar’

Michelle Obama Target

Michelle O’s ‘racist’ Target shopper was really an Obama-voting liberal, Glenn Beck caller says

Isai Delcid

Teen who killed intruder tells 911: ‘He broke my grandma’s window so I shot three times’

Iran border patrol

Wow, these guys know how to protect a border!

treadmill pushups

Guy falls off treadmill checking out a hottie at gym; hilariously recovers by doing push ups

booted BMW

Lady gets BMW booted at ‘Bad Girls Club,’ crowd goes crazy when she drives off anyway

Dearborn citizens

Gang of angry citizens pin down drunk driver until police arrive

Texas plumber

Shocked Texas plumber’s former work truck shows up in jihad terror mission photo; his phone blows up

Cops and protesters Brooklyn Bridge

Bloody brawl on Brooklyn Bridge sends 2 police lieutenants to hospital

Bride and horse

Romantic photo shoot ends badly when bride gets thrown from horse


FedEx Truck flips over; spills Christmas packages on N.J. highway


Apple made such a cool holiday video, you forget it’s an ad

Police Wilson

Video: Watch hero officer save man from jumping off bridge