‘Teach us’ where we went wrong on Trump: Left-leaning Palm Beach newspaper wants a do-over with readers

“We’d like to try to bridge that gap . . .”

Fla paper makes unprecedented apology to readers for anti-Trump coverage; ‘you deserve more balance’

“Part explanation, part reflection and part mea culpa”

Watch: Tricked out Trump golf carts parade in Florida Villages, nation’s largest retirement community

“Suck it, millennials!”

Florida eatery loses some customers but gains a whole lot more with bold political sign

A popular Florida west coast seafood restaurant is undergoing a change in clientele, all because of messages its owner placed on the eatery’s outdoor marquee. The sign […]

Pushing the farmers under the environmental bus

Responsible authorities should not allow environmental groups with obvious anti-growth agendas to push farmers, workers and jobs under the environmental bus.

West Palm Beach
Palm Beach County Clerk & Comptroller makes financial recommendations to Board of County Commissioners

“As revenues show an increasingly healthy local economy, I want to reiterate how crucial it is to align the budget with Board-directed priorities.”

Trump’s rise is all about the failure of America’s political class

America’s leaders often make problems worse . . .

Florida candidate dares to speak truth about what’s ailing black community–instantly called ‘R-word’

One Florida Congressional candidate is finding out just how fast liberals can co up a controversy when they smell the right ingredients.

MaryLynn Magar gets top business endorsement in Florida House re-election bid

“Everybody wins when our business community flourishes . . .”

Business leaders overwhelmingly oppose Palm Beach County tax hike funding wants, not needs

The Board of Trustees of the Business Political Action Committee of Palm Beach County (BIZPAC) voted by anoverwhelming majority last week to oppose a proposed countywide sales […]

Eco-wackos’ pie-in-the-sky fantasies don’t hold water

A wise man once said that when you have lost the argument, it’s time to shoot the . That applies to the journalist mouthpieces for Florida’s environmental industry who scurry to their keyboards to write “ain’t it awful” articles about the evil farmers around Lake Okeechobee… Readers of the Sun Sentinel, The Palm Beach Post and others want and deserve facts — not distorted arguments that are not grounded in reality…

Florida leaders protect services for people with disabilities

Each of these services allow people with disabilities to live valued lives in local communities.