Florida business leaders played key roles in Legislative Session

Negotiations and conference decisions did get contentious.

Unfunded mandates in Florida: Separating truth from fiction

But things are not as bad as some local officials say.

Judeo-Christian Republican Club is born in South Florida

It will unite those who wish to fight back and welcome all who stand for our hard-fought freedoms, including those Muslims who will support our Constitution and rules of law.

West Palm Beach gives Trump the finger, becomes a ‘Sanctuary City’ … the fight is on!

“Oh you would silence me after we heard 50 people talk!”

Florida’s business agenda in the 2017 legislative session

Every Legislative Session, statewide business leaders have to fight to spur Florida’s job growth and to protect Florida’s job creators.

Mrs. Florida heads protest outside of Boca Raton Nordstrom before polite cop threatens arrests

Female fashionistas in the posh town of Boca Raton . . .

Want to see blood rushing to the face of a government bureaucrat, say this . . .

That’s what business leaders mean when we say . . .

State Senator Baxley calls on Bill Nelson to do the right thing, confirm Sessions

“We need an Attorney General who will defend the rule of law.”

Big changes coming in Florida Constitution?

So if you’re moaning about your insignificance in the political process, here’s your chance to make a difference

Dissecting Florida’s new voting patterns

Florida has changed in the last seven years.

Sheriff helps Florida university sidestep statewide firearm ban and arm faculty, staff anyway

Way to go, guys!

Satan visits Boca for Christmas; Florida city forced to include Satanic display next to Nativity

The mayor said she does not believe that “Satanism” is even a religion.