One man in Hillary’s campaign warned she could lose and everybody ignored him

He warned she was in danger of losing the election days before the vote, but was ignored by the rest of her staff.

This hot star has performed for five living presidents and is in talks to perform at Trump inauguration

“It’s always about serving,” the star told TMZ earlier this month. “It’s what you do.”

Trump’s education secretary pick just made a vow at first rally that has everyone talking

“It’s time to make education great again…”

president donald trump twitter
Media has a problem with Trump’s tweets; stirs debate about free speech vs. ‘mass intimidation’

When they do it, it’s free speech. When Trump does it, it’s intimidation.

rush screen shot
Limbaugh defends president-elect against ‘stupidity’; Trump was right about Air Force One

“Well, it turns out . . .”

‘Oh, baloney!’ Possible Sec of State pick dismisses Russian human rights abuses in heated exchange

“Oh, baloney! Where do you come from? How can you say that?”

John Glenn was once accused of never holding a job: His response should make everyone love America

Someone once tried telling John Glenn he had never done honest work.

RNC’s Spicer loses it on CNN host for saying Trump threw CIA ‘under the bus’ over Russians

“I’m saying it!” Spicer fired back at the top of his lungs.

Secret Service grabs Ivanka Trump’s stalker in a place too close for comfort

Ivanka once got a restraining order . . .

Ivanka Trump posts adorable father-daughter video and sickos accuse him of vile things

Either way, they should get some help.

MSNBC host forced to apologize for reporting false story about Fox News Christmas party

The only problem is . . .

UPS driver saves a woman’s life after she scrawls SOS on package

We are grateful this UPS driver with more than a decade of service . . .