Trump gets mega-love at Army-Navy game, but Kellyanne’s reception as ‘grand marshal’ not all cheers

On Saturday Donald Trump was showered with love at the annual Army versus Navy football game, which the president-elect took great pride in when he posted a […]

Barbara Walters is afraid ‘The View’ legacy is destroyed, and she knows who to blame, source says

Walters was conspicuously absent from a reunion of the show’s original cast members last month.

SNL tries to dig at Angela Merkel, but can’t get past its own Trump-hate

What a shame.

Bristol Palin’s as tough as her mom; rips into comedian Kathy Griffin for low-rent incident with Megyn Kelly

As she was being bullied by libs for being pregnant.

Trump has made final Secretary of State choice and John Bolton came in second, NBC News reports


Artist produces ‘Exit Interview,’ an epic face off between George Washington and Barack Obama

He sure captures it.

Why is Kellyanne Conway getting death threats?

Does the media care?

Watch Donald Trump’s response to Michigan crowd’s chants of ‘lock her up’

Watch the video of Trump responding to the crowd in Michigan . . .

Actress who played Cindy Brady fired from radio show for ‘homophobic’ rant, libs bombard her with hate

Susan Olsen, the actress who played the iconic role of Cindy Brady on the hit television classic “The Brady Bunch” was fired from her radio show and […]

Ted Cruz and Ron DeSantis take on term limits, prepare a drain the swamp bill

Take our BPR poll: Do you think it will pass?

Dem gov. of Virginia recalls omen that spelled doom for Hillary, and it has to do with his chickens

It was all over after that.

Congress to investigate alleged $125 billion of waste by Pentagon

The House Committee on Government Reform sent a letter to Secretary of Defense Ash Carter…