Former CIA op and ex-presidential candidate has the nerve to say Trump is ‘not a loyal American’

“It must be clear that Donald Trump is not a loyal American and we should prepare for the next four years accordingly.”

Muslim NYPD officers request a special meeting with Trump, citing spike in hate-crimes ‘since election day’

Pointing to the “rhetoric of this campaign season,” a group of Muslim New York City police officers is asking to meet with President-elect Donald Trump. Included in the group […]

‘I think it’s ridiculous’: Trump’s not buying Russia’s interference in the election, and he’s not budging

“Every week it’s another excuse.”

Babyshaming is cool now? All about women’s rights, the left want to blast Bristol Palin for being married and preggers?

Sick people.

‘He blocked me’: Fmr. GOP Rep Joe Walsh can’t get Trump to see his raging Twitter rant about Russia

Trump “blocked me on Twitter.”

Add one more Republican to the new Senate!

It’s as though all the planets are aligning to “make America great again.”

John McCain ‘concerned’ about Donald Trump’s Sec of State choice: ‘I don’t know his relationship’ to Putin

“But Vladimir Putin is a thug, bully and a murderer . . . “

‘Breaking Bad’s’ Walter White tapped for Trump’s DEA pick in SNL spoof

“Trust me,” he said. “I know the DEA better than anyone — inside and out.”

‘Total respect!’ Troops show their love for Trump at Army-Navy game; check out the video, photos

It was such a great day, even Michael Moore had to admit the obvious!

Chris Wallace asks Trump, why pick businesses exec Rex Tillerson for Sec of State? Here’s his blunt answer.

Fox News host Chris Wallace asked President-elect Donald Trump what led to his decision to choose a business executive as secretary of state.

Trump gets mega-love at Army-Navy game, but Kellyanne’s reception as ‘grand marshal’ not all cheers

On Saturday Donald Trump was showered with love at the annual Army versus Navy football game, which the president-elect took great pride in when he posted a […]

Barbara Walters is afraid ‘The View’ legacy is destroyed, and she knows who to blame, source says

Walters was conspicuously absent from a reunion of the show’s original cast members last month.