Turns out, 2006 bipartisan bill gives Trump legal authority to start building a border wall on DAY ONE

Thanks then-Sens. Hillary and Obama!

Donald Trump reportedly headed to a place Obama was rarely seen, and it ‘could make history’

“What a way to begin his official duties!”

Mike Rowe lays out some eye-opening truths every parent and college-bound kid needs to hear

“Maybe there’s another way.”

‘I seem foreign…’ Obama, CNN use ‘race baiting’ like never before as president bids farewell

If it weren’t for those pesky “whites in Southern states.”

Joe Biden
Biden is either really conflicted about running in 2020, or he’s just being Biden

“What the hell.”

US Steel CEO hopes to bring back jobs they were forced to let go during ‘depressive’ era…THOUSANDS of them

“I was having to hire more lawyers to try to interpret these new regulations than I was hiring … engineers.”

Collective meltdown accelerates as libs freak out over Trump’s ‘climate denier’ EPA pick

Drama on high.

‘Never took a knee…’ Navy Admiral puts anthem protesters to shame while honoring vets at Pearl Harbor

“Hear that?”

Valerie Jarrett describes the feeling she got when Hillary lost and it’s ‘soul crushing’

“Obviously we were surprised by the outcome…”

‘That wasn’t very damn nice.’ Carrier union leader provokes heated back-and-forth with Trump

“And for whatever reason, lied his a** off.”

Megyn Kelly booed, gets the middle finger from Kathy Griffin for saying give Trump a chance

“Stop that. Stop that.”

Obama appointed federal judge shuts down Michigan recount

Pack it up ladies, it’s over.